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Hurricane Sandy: Staten Island Clean Up

I went back to Mount Loretta today to drop off more clothes and toiletries and couldn’t believe how many cars were outside and the amount of people inside. I guess word got out and more people wanted to help. I just went in to drop everything off and headed straight to Fox Beach because last night I was in contact with someone that said that neighborhood could really use the help. I walked up to the house and introduced my […]

Hurricane Sandy: Staten Island

There is so much to say but this is one moment in my life that I feel like a picture is worth a thousand words. Please visit my other post here on how you can help.

Hurricane Sandy: Staten Island Needs Help!

  It’s been a rough week but residents of Staten Island need all the help we can get. I helped out today at Mount Loretto. Look at all the clothes that were donated today. I thought we’d never sort it all. There is still much more to be done over there. Please come by and help. They close at night so come during the am, early pm hours to help. I talked to someone after and they said they are […]

Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse

Last week I was asked to shoot photos for Arirang’s new menu. Here are some of the shots I took. This was a fun and interesting shoot for me as I had to keep in mind that these photos would not only be used in their new rush nutrition menus but also for advertising. Over 40 plates of food were shot and a lot of sushi was eaten after.  

Dave Giordano 2011 Year End Photography Journey

2011 Year End Photography Journey by photographer Dave Giordano, Takes you on a visual journey through the eyes of a photographer.

October Snow

Yesterday we experienced something that rarely happens. Snow on a October day. I was shocked to open my window and see so much snow. I knew there was a chance I’d never get to shoot a snow fall again in the month of October so I jumped at the chance. Here are some of the photos from my adventure around Staten Island, NY.

Engagement Shoot 9-19-11

I’m very excited to share these new photos with you all. They were shot just yesterday. I had the idea all in my head on exactly how the should would be but as with anything, nothing ever goes as planned. The weather was not so great for most of the day. It would be sunny one second and dark the next. On the way into the shoot it looked like we were riding into a storm but as we got […]

Jared Evan

Last week I got invited to shoot Jared Evan and his band at Highline Ballroom in Manhattan. Little did I know this artist is much bigger than I thought. You might have heard this song. I was told it was used for two seasons on the end of entourage. As I pulled up to the venue there was over a thousand people on line waiting to get in. It was such a great shoot being on stage shooting them and hanging back […]

Hurricane Irene

Some of the aftermath of Hurricane Irene on Staten Island, New York. As you can see we got a lot of water. Some streets had over 3+ feet of water.

Late Night Fog

Three years ago I was driving to my bands rehearsal space and it was very foggy out, and as I passed a public park all I kept thinking was. I wish I had my camera because this would make for such an incredible shot. We have not had fog roll in like that for a while now up until last night. I knew what I had to do. Drop everything I was doing and run home to get my camera! The shoot started at […]

Vincent “Big Pussy” Pastore

On the beginning of the month I got a call from my good friend Rich Russo from 101.9 RXP saying he had Big Pussy from the Sopranos coming down to the studio. I had to jump on this offer. I traveled with my friend and co-worker Chris Olivieri. Listening to my droids gps might have been a bad idea. We almost didnt make it to the studio as the gps kept bringing us every where but to the radio station. […]

June-July Updates

I have been very busy working since my last update so I thought I update everyone on what I have been up to with one big post. During the month of June I started work on a website for a motel in wildwood. They own 4 different motels in the area. During that time I saw asked by the owner to come down to take photos and stay for the night. I traveled alone on the 200 mile trip and […]